A Meaningful Way To Do SEO

It used to be the case that when someone was looking for a mechanic, a fitness studio, a dentist, or any other product or service, they would rely on word of mouth or the beloved Yellow Pages.

Things are different now.

Potential customers now head straight to the Internet to find a product or service. But you know that. And that’s why you are here.

The only way to ensure optimal success in your business is to have a prominent online presence–and we can help you achieve that with our SEO and Internet marketing service in Victoria BC.

SEO is a form of digital marketing that stands for search engine optimization.

It’s a straightforward way that can help improve your search rankings online.

Our process is simple:

We begin by auditing your entire website and all its pages to make sure it passes the Google guidelines and nothing is out of place.

Next, we make the necessary changes to your existing content and pages to ensure that your website is properly optimized for search engines such as Google and Bing.

After this is done, we focus on creating more relevant and useful local content for your website. This is a proven way to generate more targeted and local visitors to your website.

While we are adding content, we’ll then start to build business listings for your website. A big factor of Google My Business and local search rankings is how many high quality business listings you have across the web.

The last step is to build backlinks. We are able to naturally build high quality backlinks to your website (backlinks are links that take a browser from someone else’s website to yours). We guarantee that our backlinking methods are completely white hat and will never be penalized by the latest Google algorithm.

Finally, we sit back and watch your rankings improve and your business flourish. View our past clients rankings.

Warning: SEO Can DOUBLE Your Website Traffic

Now that you are cognizant of our process, you are likely wondering whether our search engine marketing service can really double or triple your website traffic.

The short answer: Absolutely.

Our clients have seen MASSIVE increases in search rankings and website traffic. Take for example our client StudioYdesign. Their rankings improved tremendously for over 15 search terms from December 2013 to November 2014. Don’t just take our word for it, take a look for yourself.

Based on the behind the scenes work that we did for StudioYdesign, they experienced a 139% increase in search traffic from the previous year, when they weren’t using our Victoria BC SEO service. Needless to say, they are exhilarated with the results that we have provided.

Still feeling doubtful? Here is a screenshot from their Google Analytics account.

If you put your trust in us, you can experience stress-free results similar to StudioY.

You do want to experience results similar to StudioY don’t you?

Of course you do. But how long will it take for your rankings to improve?

Let us explain.

How Long Will It Take To See Results?

There are a number of factors that determine the answer to this question and we could easily go on for an hour explaining each and every one. We won’t bore you with that information. Nor can we predict how long it will take as each website and business is different.

Read our blog post on how long does it take for local search rankings to improve for a better understanding of what we look for when determining how long it might take for a website’s rankings to improve.

It all comes down to our method of building links naturally. Should Google or Bing notice that we’re building links too quickly, they’ll send your website packing to the 10th page and beyond.

We don’t want that to happen. In fact, we won’t let it.

Why are we so confident?

Because of our tangible success.

Proven Results

We deliver results. And we lead by example.

Our client’s websites rank high. And our website ranks high.

Do you want to work with a company that has proven results? Of course you do.

We excel at what we do. We own the rankings for our desired search terms. And we want to do the same for your website. We’ll meet your expectations and surpass them.

Ready To Increase Your Sales?

How are your sales right now? Regardless of whether they’re good or bad, you naturally want your sales to grow.

We can help do that for you by improving your search rankings and website traffic. Getting you to the top of the search engines is our goal. Being there should be your goal too!

It is rare for people to scroll below the fifth or sixth search result. And you can’t afford to take that risk.

Being at the top will bring you more website traffic. More website traffic will expose your business to new people. Brand exposure will bring you more foot traffic and phone calls. And with more foot traffic and phone calls, your sales will increase.

How will more sales change your day-to-day life? Maybe it will provide you with the opportunity to work less. Perhaps more sales will reduce your level of stress. Whatever the reason, we want to help you achieve your business and life goals.

You need our Victoria BC SEO company to get people to your website and to reach your businesses maximum potential.

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